Hubbard's Loyalty Program

About our Loyalty Program...

The program is designed to offer all customers the ability to earn discounts based on purchase volume during a 365 day period. There are NO minimum order requirements once you are in the program!

How it works...

Step 1: Request a membership form and fill it out for your enrollment.

Step 2:

2A. Buy-In: Placing a single order for the Buy-In amount will automatically set your discount level based on the table below. You will also receive that level's discount on the initial order.

Name Discount Buy-In Entry
Bronze 5% $500.00
Silver 10% $1,500.00
Gold 15% $4,500.00
Platinum 20% $13,500.00

2B. Accumulate: Your discount level will change as you begin to accumulate orders throughout the 365 day enrollment period.

Name Discount Accumulated Entry
Bronze 5% $1,500.00
Silver 10% $4,500.00
Gold 15% $13,500.00
Platinum 20% $40,500.00

Once you are enrolled in the program, you can expect the following:

  1. Instant emails when you reach a new level.
  2. Quarterly statements via email.
  3. On your membership expiration date, your membership level will be adjusted based on your accumulated orders for the past 365 days.
  4. We do offer kits and select products that are excluded from this offer. Your customer service representative will be happy to let you know if you have any of these items on your current order. They will also be clearly noted during the checkout process online. On a good note, these items will be included in your yearly accumulated totals.